A person’s well-being depends on numerous factors that go far beyond just health care. We actively involve the population, communities and local partners to ensure that all our interventions are decentralised and sustainable. Engera supports Gurage’s clinics in the following ways:

1) Through regular missions (doctors, nurses, midwives, medicines, protocols, training and retraining of local staff).
2) By covering the annual operating costs (personnel, medicines, medical equipment),
3) Through special projects such as improved infrastructure, a new maternity ward or a water well.

Engera is committed to continuing support in line with our commitments and ensuring a sustainable model that has shown measurable results in the years we have been operating in Ethiopia.

With more substantial funding, Engera’s approach could be expanded to several other clinics in the region. This would allow for standardisation of health care, better economies of scale, and efficiencies in care and monitoring of facilities during our outreach. We can expand our work and reach a much broader population

That’s our goal.

Healthcare facilities



Population: 30,000
Employees: 22
Patients 2023: 30,080
Vaccinations 2023: 475
Births 2023: 445

Manager: Sister Joan

Zizencho is an isolated village on the highlands. Until recently, the village had no proper road, no electricity, and no running water. Roughly 30,000 people live in the catchment area of the center. Over the years, Engera has built a pre/postnatal ward, a tuberculosis center and a water well that provides clean water to the village.



Population: 30,000
Employees: 25
Patients 2023: 18,636
Vaccinations 2023: 237
Births 2023: 374

Manager: Sister Meshkele

Shebraber was built in 2014 and is the newest of Engera’s centers. Thanks to a donation from an American foundation and a project of the Regione Toscana, it now serves 25,000 people across a few villages. Engera has also built a tuberculosis center attached to the main center.



Population: 25,000
Employees: 20

Patients 2023: 20,808
Vaccinations 2023: 597
Births 2023: 474

Manager: Sister Surabhila

Engera has supported Burat Health Center since the early days, with regular doctor and volunteer visits, supply of medicines and diagnostic tools. Over the years, Engera has also financially supported various scholarships for young Ethiopian girls who went on to become nurses.


Galeya Rogdha

Population: 15,000
Employees: 13
Patients 2023: 7,999
Vaccinations 2023: 104
Births 2023: 37

Manager: Sister Terresa

The clinic in Galeya-Rogdha is one of the latest projects that Engera has undertaken. It is located in a remote village in the southwestern Shewa zone in the Oromia region. The goal is to develop it into a full-fledged health centre that meets the same standards as the other health facilities we support. The clinic focuses on prevention, infant immunisation, and pre and post natal care.

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San Marco

Population: 15,000
Employees: 5
Patients 2023: 4,315
Vaccinations 2023: 3
Births 2023: 25

Manager: Sister Sara 

The San Marco Clinic, run by Sister Sara and Sister Asinakeche, started operating in April 2021 thanks to full funding from World Doctors. The local community generously donated 10 hectares of land, while the government provided the electricity infrastructure. Although the clinic has only been in operation for a short time, over 4,300 people have already been treated in the past year and we expect these numbers to increase. Engera is preparing to send volunteers soon to support this promising project.



Population: 25,000
Employees: 14
Patients 2023: 27,693
Vaccinations 2023: 323
Births 2023: 342

Manager: Sister Hirut

In Getche, Engera did not have to build the infrastructure from scratch. It did, however, support the development of the maternity ward with improved reception facilities for pregnant women and the provision of equipment for safer pregnancy and delivery. The focus at the center has been on the training of the gynaecology and obstetrics nurses.



Population: 35,000
Employees: 32
Patients 2023: 25,413
Vaccinations 2023: 768
Births 2023: 782

Manager: Sister Tena

Maganesse is one of the first clinics established in the region. It is now a fully-fledged health center and is located just over 7 km from Endibir. It was founded by CUAMM (Doctors for Africa) and has developed over the years thanks to the support of various organizations. The center is excellently managed by Sister Tena. Maganesse has a structure dedicated to tuberculosis and is characterized by a large area and several buildings in traditional form (Toukul).

Other Projects

Engera’s mission brings life-saving healthcare to the people of the Gurage zone of Ethiopia and parts of the Oromia region.  Our team of doctors and other staff work closely with community leaders and our partners on the ground – to respond in partnership to their most pressing needs.


Our collaboration includes special projects to address urgent needs.

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Warm Food for Galeya Rogdha School

Imagine starting your school day with an hour or hour-and-a-half walk, only to be given a small biscuit and water upon arrival. This is the reality for two hundred children attending elementary school near the Galeya Rogdha Clinic in the Oromia region of Ethiopia.

Our mission is to ensure that these children receive at least one hot meal a day. With only 20,000 euros, we can create a feeding program that ensures a daily, nutritious meal for each child throughout the year.

Although each child needs three meals a day, contributing so that they receive at least one hot meal can have a significant impact on their lives. Lack of adequate nutrition affects concentration and learning.

Join us to make a difference. Your donation today will help us provide these children with the sustenance they need to focus on their studies and build a better future.


Engera Collaborates with Attat Hospital in Gurage, Enhancing Healthcare Expertise

In a significant development aimed at strengthening healthcare capacity, Engera began a transformative partnership with Attat Hospital in Gurage in August 2023. This collaboration is a crucial step forward in leveraging specialized medical skills and creating a culture of knowledge sharing.

This partnership enables an in-depth learning experience where every three months two visiting doctors from Italy bring their expertise to the challenging healthcare environment of Attat Hospital. Working with the hospital staff, they manage limited resources and medicines and share insights and strategies for effective healthcare delivery.

By leveraging the collective expertise of professionals with diverse healthcare experience, Engera and Attat Hospital are driving innovation and excellence in healthcare. This collaboration not only addresses immediate challenges, but also lays the foundation for sustainable capacity building and continuous improvement in healthcare delivery.

Through their joint efforts, Engera and Attat Hospital exemplify the transformative potential of partnerships in advancing equity and excellence in healthcare.

Staff Scholarships
Invest in a career

 We believe it is important to provide our employees with opportunities for professional development or continuing education. This is enriching for them and also benefits their families and the local community by increasing their salary. Ongoing professional development also ensures that our employees stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in medical care so that they can provide quality patient care and improve clinical practice

We need funding for scholarships so that some of our employees can convert their diploma into a degree. A scholarship covers the full cost of fees, housing and a small stipend

Please contact us to learn more about how you can help.  


Water...the starting point

Despite focusing mainly on healthcare projects, sometimes engineering is better than many drugs. For example, water is the basis of everything; it is fundamental for hygiene. In 2012 we contributed to financing a new 160m deep water well which saves the village people a daily 5km walk. Now the whole community finally has fresh, clean water.


Digitalisation of the Card Room

The central card room is a place within a health facility where patient records are kept. This paper- based system is incredibly cumbersome for both the patient and the healthcare staff. For example, there is limited storage space for the cards and it is very time-consuming for patients to fill out the form each time. 

However, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health is in the process of digitizing its various health information systems, so health centers and clinics are required to digitize their card rooms. This means that we need to purchase computers for all our health facilities so that government software can be installed. A donation of 8000 euros would enable us to purchase a desktop computer for all our healthcare facilities.

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Siamo un’associazione no-profit fondata e costituita da medici, infermieri e Volontari che a titolo personale si sono impegnati e si impegnano nell’ambito dell’assistenza socio-sanitaria in Etiopia.

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Siamo un’associazione no-profit fondata e costituita da medici, infermieri e Volontari che a titolo personale si sono impegnati e si impegnano nell’ambito dell’assistenza socio-sanitaria in Etiopia.

Engera - Via di Scandicci Alto, 33 50018 Scandicci (FI) - Italy - CF 94146690485