At the beginning of December 2023, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money so the school can provide warm meals to these children. We are delighted to say that the project launched in February 2024 and since then, the Galeya Rogdha team has been busy providing nutritious meals adapted to the needs of 240 children. The meals are prepared based on a thorough assessment of the nutritional situation of the children. Among other things, the team put together a functioning kitchen and ensured that the necessary sanitary facilities were available. A local cook was hired to prepare the meals. The teachers actively monitor the hygiene of the children to maintain cleanliness standards. Regular meetings between the school staff and church health and education coordinators ensure that everything runs smoothly.

To support the local community, products such as rice, eggs and bananas are purchased from local farmers and markets. If local products are not available, they are purchased from the city of Wolkite.

In the next phase of the project, we will set up gender clubs to promote gender equality and empower girls.

Thanks to the support of 1Caffe and other donations, we can announce that the project will last a while longer!

Thank you to everyone involved for their contribution to this important initiative.