After a two-year hiatus, we are pleased to report that two groups have just returned from a mission in Gurage in Ethiopia. The groups worked with our colleagues in the health centers of Zizencho, Shebraber and Dakuna, where they treated patients and also conducted some trainings 

It was wonderful to see the progress made in our health centers while we were away, as more and more people are using our services. Challenges remain, however, and in the coming year, one of our goals will be to ensure that we can replicate the comprehensive services provided by Zizencho and Shebraber at the other five facilities. This means that we will need to raise more funds to purchase equipment such as incubators and ultrasound machines 

During the visit, a member of the team also visited Metcha Clinic, our newest clinic in West Shewa Zone, Oromia. It is run by Sister Surabhila, who was instrumental in setting up Zizencho, our first clinic. The original Metcha clinic is more than 50 years old, but it is in poor condition. The roof leaks, the walls are cracked, there are no toilets and the building does not meet the standards of modern medical care. Nevertheless, about 100 patients come to the clinic every day. We are supporting the construction of a new clinic, which we hope will be completed by March 2023. The existing clinic will be renovated and part of it will become a maternity waiting room.